Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Some friends are going
rafting in spectacular Desolation Canyon, on the Green River in the Rockies.

The 5-day trip is scheduled for 13-17 July, 2008.
● Also, on 12 July we will travel to the launch point.

● In the
84-mile trip, there are rapids every day, building from mild ripples to exciting whitewater. This is some of the best whitewater rafting in the Rockies, and the rapids are easily navigable and are moderate by standard, up to Class III rating.

● The rapids will be fun and exciting, but not terrifying. In short, it is the best introduction to an extended river trip that you can find. This trip is well-suited for beginners, and advanced boaters will enjoy it as well.

● The river flows through
one of the largest wilderness areas in the Colorado Plateau region, and because of its isolation, it provides opportunities for basically leaving civilization behind, from beginning to end. The scenery is outstanding, with incredible geologic formations, and evidence of prehistoric and historic human activity. We will stop occasionally for hiking and to visit historic sites along the river. Because of its rich history and its unique cultural significance to the Ute people, Desolation Canyon has been designated as a National Landmark. We appreciate and respect the importance of this beautiful region, and practice Leave-No-Trace policies.

● Daily temperature highs reach 98 degrees during mid-day, and lows reach 60 degrees at night. Rain is highly unlikely.

● We camp on nice beaches with lots of time for bocci-ball, frizbee, hacky-sack, horseshoes, taking walks, reading, journal-writing, relaxing, sitting around camp and enjoying some guitar & balaphone & autoharp & harmonica & drums & mouthbow & kazoos & sticks & feathers & sand & rocks.

● Because the trip is not a commercial trip, everybody will be helping with loading and unloading the rafts, setting-camp, cooking, and cleaning up after meals, which is what greatly defers the price of the trip to be at-cost.

● All participants must be able to swim.

● The cost of this trip includes all group equipment such as the required
Bureau of Land Management permit, rafts, PFDs (personal floatation devices—life jackets), collapsible kitchen, transportation from the meeting-point to the river, and delicious meals, but does not include your sleeping bag, tents, and other personal gear.

● Additional personal gear is available for rent, and can be easily arranged. By comparison, a similar 5-day commercial trip costs over $1,000. Our trip is significantly lower than a similar commercial trip, and our estimated cost is less than $200 per person. Even with the cost of flying out to SLC, the price of this trip is lower than a commercial rafting company.

● There is always plenty to eat, and the menu is varied throughout the trip, with dinners ranging from Teriyaki stir-fry to enchilidas, to spaghetti and garlic bread, and breakfasts ranging from French toast to pancakes to eggs and hash browns and fruit, and lunches including excellent sandwiches and wraps, as well as snacks all around. Vegetarian? Great, plenty of us are.

● Beverages such as Gatorade-mix and water will be provided in unlimited quantity. However, you can certainly bring your own drinks and snacks and keep them in the coolers, or with your gear.

This trip is run on a "cooperative adventure" basis. All group planning, leadership, and potential risks are shared by participants equally. Because outdoor adventures such as river-rafting are highly exciting, physically demanding, and take place in an environment over which nobody has control, they are potentially dangerous. As a participant on a cooperative adventure, you personally accept these conditions and assume full responsibility for your own safety and well-being (liability release required), and agree to cooperate with, and adhere to, instructions from the oars-person of your raft.

A non-refundable $100 deposit will hold your reservation by 31 March, 2008. The remaining balance is due before departure for the trip.

On-Board Thus Far:
Kimberly The Mighty
Ben The Prophet
● Joy of Lee
Ali Cat
Jakapo of Kiwiland
Jan The Beatific Boatwoman

Larry The Fish
● Jenn Who Writes with a Magic Penn
● Paul Who Tells Tales So Tall
Jared The Kajaker
Jas as Falcor the Dragon Rider
Lauren The Jain Train
J.R. - Ace of Spades
● J.R.'s fancy - Queen of Hearts
● Megan of Smiles
● Papa River Nut
● Mama River Nut